Student permits

Non-Swiss students are required to obtain a student residence permit from the appropriate Swiss cantonal authorities. Students on a resident permit must maintain full time status. To be classified full time, a student must register for a minimum of two courses (6 credits hours) per term. Registration for at least ten courses (30 credit hours) per academic year and attendance in all class sessions are required. Students leaving the University or changing address should inform the Swiss Cantonal authorities.

Permits provided in the context of studying at Webster are student resident permits and shall not guarantee any authorization to work. Work permit process and limitations are part of a separate process approved on a case by case basis by Swiss authorities.

Certificates & Attestations

The Certificate of Enrollment is an official document stating that you are an active student for the current term. Therefore, Certificates will only be issued to students who are currently enrolled and regularly attending courses.

 Attestations for current students to extend their resident permits will be issued after the third week of term. This is to ensure that they are registered for the minimum of 12 credit hours per semester required by the Swiss Cantonal authorities. This does not apply to students who are newly admitted and need to apply for a resident permit.  Students on student resident permits must maintain full-time student status by having registered into a minimum of four courses per semester before applying for an attestation (two courses per term for Graduate students).

To request a Certificate or an Attestation, please sign up at the Registrar’s office. Upon student account clearance, the document will be issued within three working days. If you have a "hold" on your records due to outstanding financial obligations, your certificate/attestation will not be issued and you will need to contact the business office.

Additional information for new students can be found on the admissions pages: