Location & Opening Hours:

The on-campus bookstore is located on the ground-floor of the Administration building.

The bookstore's opening hours can be found here.

Other arrangements for picking up books can be made by contacting the Bookstore Manager on or


For students:
1. Textbooks (and/or e-books) for both undergraduate and graduate courses are included in the tuition price. This policy covers directed study courses. The policy does not cover textbooks/e-books for online courses, and does not cover exceptional costs such as lab fees or field trip expenses, special software/CD/DVD costs, monthly subscriptions, and accessories such as notebooks, pencils, etc. 
2. To receive a textbook, the student must be registered for the course. Availability of textbooks and/or e-books at the beginning of the term depends on advance registration (by Week 6 of the previous term).
3. Students must pick up their textbooks from the bookstore no later than the end of week 2 of each term. The bookstore reserves the right to return all uncollected books past this deadline.
4. In the event of a course drop, all textbooks for that course must be returned to the bookstore no later than the end of week 2. Textbooks must be returned in pristine condition.
5. The bookstore is not responsible for giving students a second copy of a textbook in the event of loss or theft.
6. The bookstore orders books in a single format (either print or ebook) for all the students enrolled in a course.
7. Student auditors are eligible to receive the course textbook(s), provided that the course in question is officially audited by registration and that the additional audited credits are within the student's full-time range.

For faculty and staff:
1. The bookstore orders books listed in the textbook section of the course syllabus. Books listed under other sections (such as "recommended" or "further" reading, for example) will not be ordered.
2. The bookstore does not order or hold inspection copies of textbooks for faculty. Faculty wishing to obtain an inspection copy for a forthcoming course should contact the publisher directly. A list of publisher contacts can be obtained by emailing the bookstore manager at
3. Faculty must not help themselves to books from the bookstore at their own leisure, as this creates book shortages for enrolled students and also causes inconsistencies in the inventory, which the bookstore staff works hard to keep up to date. If the urgent need for a book arises, the faculty must request permission to take a book out of inventory by emailing the Director of Finance; failure to do so will be considered theft.
4. Faculty and staff auditors are eligible to receive the course textbook(s).

Contact Us

Ngonidzashe Hove

Ngonidzashe Hove

Bookstore Manager
+41 22 959 8015