Scholars Program Quote

The program recognizes, supports and develops academic excellence and performance in our most motivated and achieving students.

Scholars Program participation is an "invitation-only" for those who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance.  A committee reviews potential candidates from both the newly admitted student list, as well as from current students who are consistently maintaining a Grade Point Average of above 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale).

The program offers merit-­based tuition scholarships, typically between CHF 5,000 to CHF 10,000 per year, to incoming students who are selected for the Scholars Program.  Those whose pre-Webster performance is in the similar range of 3.5 or higher (on an equivalent scale) are reviewed by the committee after admission and notified individually.

Selection for the program is competitive.  Individual Scholars Program award letters will be sent to those who are selected to participate.

Scholars Program awards can also be combined with need-based financial aid awards from Webster University Geneva, for those students whose families are eligible.  A separate application for Financial Aid may be submitted by the family (forms are available following admission to the University).

Please note that combined financial aid award packages offered by the Geneva campus do not exceed 50% of tuition (yet US citizens may have access to additional federal loan programs).

Engage in Special Events

As a scholars, you would have some tailored events designed to help you grow intellectually and to help you build a professional network of people who are driven by academic research. A Scholars Seminar helps to inspire you and your fellow students toward identifying and refining your own areas of interest for academic pursuit, and teaches some best practices in research.  The seminar often includes a rotation of Webster professors from different disciplines, but can also include a rotation of influential, inspiring guest speakers from beyond campus.

Guided Research a Scholarly Topic

Part of the scholars program is to develop a topic of interest to you, and to ­conduct individualized research (or to build an applied project, depending on your major).  Scholars write a bachelor thesis in their final year of study, with individual mentoring from a faculty member who specializes in the field of the topic you select.

This academic experience will strengthen your skills in research and writing (Computer Science, Media, or Photography majors can also pursue an applied project in lieu of a thesis).  Comple­ting a senior thesis or final project can provide you with a com­petive advantage when applying to graduate school or when entering the job market after graduation.

Scholars Certificate

Students earn a Scholars Program Certificate that verifies successful completion, with special recognition of this honor at the University's graduation ceremony.  Students often feature the topic of their chosen senior thesis (or project) on their CV.

If you have any other questions please contact:

Will McDonald

Will McDonald

Director of Admissions
+41 22 959 8030