How to Apply for Undergraduate Programs

Thank you for your interest in Webster's Bachelor programs.  Before you get started with your online application, please review the following carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

Webster University Geneva offers multiple dates for entry each year for most programs, and you can submit your application at any time. You can choose your intended start date when you begin the online application form.  This can be deferred to a later start date (even after you earn admission, if necessary).

We have a rolling admissions process (there are no official application deadlines). Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis within 10 days to 2 weeks after all documentation is received.

For prospective students who need a student visa, the Swiss student visa process begins only after you earn admission and confirm your attendance--and it can take 2-3 months to process, depending on the consulate where you apply.  If for any reason your visa process is delayed, your enrollment can be deferred to the subsequent term (8 weeks later).  See below for additional visa information.

Our next start dates:

Summer Term, 2020:  classes begin on Monday, May 18, 2020.  Due to Covid-19, classes will be delivered in a hybrid format, with remote access (online, via webex) as an option for those who prefer or need.

Fall 1 Semester, 2020:  classes begin on Monday, August 24, 2020.  Most first-year students joining the university from high school enroll for Fall 1, but Fall 2 is also open to first time students. 

Covid-19 update:  Our team in Geneva is planning for the contingency that some students may could begin the Fall 1 semester 'remotely', and then to join on campus (travel to Switzerland and move into housing) once they are able.  A separate online orientation session will be held for these students.  Some Fall courses may be offered in a joint format (in-class and simultaneous online), or special web-based sections of some classes may be created, if needed (as Webster is now doing in Spring 2020).

Fall 2 Term, 2020:  begins on October 26, 2020.  Fall 2 is open to first-time freshmen who could not make the previous start date, to transfer students from other universities, or any applicants who wish to begin their studies at this time.  Webster offers new courses beginning each 8 weeks--so students in Fall 2 will be joining fresh courses with other new students on day 1 of that term (not the same classes that others began in Fall 1). 

How to Apply / Documentation required

We encourage applicants to review the university's admissions criteria, and to contact us with any questions in the process.

You can create your application account online and submit it electronically once you are ready. 

For first-time (freshmen) applying from high school*
The application requirements will include the following list.  You can attach documents electronically in the online application -- or, some of the supporting documents for your application can be sent after you submit your online application (to

* Transfer students from other universities should go to this page for instructions.

  • High school transcript.  Your most current transcript is adequate for an admissions decision, even if you did not yet graduate or sit for final exams.  (When you enroll, you will later be asked to send Webster a final copy of your transcript and graduation date--or a copy of your diploma, if the date is not listed on your transcript). 

    Generally, original secondary school and/or university transcripts should document three years of study.  If your transcript is not in English, we will need literal English translations. Translations must be official: certified by an accredited translator or notarized by a competent legal authority

  • English proficiency results from either a TOEFL or IELTS test.  TOEFL is now offering iBT (internet-based Toefl) remotely.  Webster has also just announced additional tests that be taken remotely (per covid-19), to demonstrate English language level, including the Duolingo English Test, iTEP, the Pearson Versant, and E3PT.  

    Unofficial copies of these scores are acceptable for your application and our admissions decisions (yet an official copy will be needed once you enroll)

  • A 300-400 word essay that demonstrates your motivation, commitment and readiness for university life.
  • Two letters of recommendation from high school teachers (one can be from your counselor).  During the covid-19 crisis, a minimum of one letter is adequate if other elements of your application clearly demonstrate capacity to succeed at Webster.
  • Photocopy of passport biographical page (plus a copy of any current residence permit or visa for Switzerland, if you are already a resident here)

    Following your application:  i
    f you pursued external examinations such as the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement exams, Swiss Maturité, or French Baccalaureate programs, we will eventually require your official records for assessing your transferable credits if you enroll at Webster.  Predicted IB grades or unofficial copies of transcripts and exam results are adequate during the application process.

Note:  all application documents submitted to Webster University become the property of the university and cannot be returned or reproduced.  Be sure to keep a copy of all documents submitted.

Student Visa?  We're here to help!

Our admissions team can guide you through the Swiss visa application process after you earn admission.  We will provide you with an "attestation letter" in French, which you will need for making a visa application, with the admission packet.  Please note that the visa process requires proper planning (6-10 weeks after you submit the documents to the Swiss authorities, depending on your nationality and location of application).

Covid-19 update:  The Swiss authorities recommend that you always defer to the nearest consulate in your home country.  They have announced that visas will not be issued prior to June 15th, 2020, and most consulates are not accepting new applications until that time.  As mentioned above, if your visa takes additional time, Webster's academic schedule allows you to either join remotely (to start in Fall 1, and join when you're able to come to Geneva) or to defer your enrollment and to start classes in Fall 2.

Non-Swiss and Non-European residents:   For prospective students who need a student visa, we recommend submitting your online application a couple of months before your desired enrollment date. If for any reason your visa process is delayed, your enrollment can be deferred to the subsequent term. 

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