Educational Costs

The rates for the academic year 2020-21 are listed below.

Since Webster's graduate courses run in 8-week terms (Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, Spring 2 and Summer).  There are five entry terms available per year, and each term is invoiced individually.

Tuition for graduate students is charged CHF 1'080 per credit hour, with most courses equivalent to 3 credits, as follows:

One course per term (3 credits, studying 1 night per week for 8 weeks):  CHF 3'240
Two courses per term (6 credits, studying 2 nights per week for 8 weeks):  CHF 6'480

Pay as You Go:  Students are invoiced for each term individually, as they register for their next set of courses.  Tuition payments are typically due by the Friday of 'Week 1' of each term (see below).

Webster University Geneva does not charge the full program tuition in advance;  however, those who will require a student visa to attend Webster University Geneva (non-Swiss; non-EU; non-residents) will have to demonstrate sufficient funding to the Swiss consulate in advance of their studies.

The standard pace of study is 2 nights per week.  At that pace, a 36-credit degree can be completed in about 14 to 16 months, including Summer term (or 18 months, if excluding the optional Summer evening courses). 


The following are 12 course degree programs (36 credits):  CHF 38'880

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
MA in Communications Management
MA in International Relations
MA in Management & Leadership

The following degree programs are priced due to different duration/format:

MA Counseling (48 credits):  CHF 51,840 
Master en Gestion des Systèmes de Soins et de Santé:  CHF 21,960  (CHF 1,830 per course)


Further details

  • Tuition is invoiced each 8-week term ("pay as you go")
  • You can study at your own pace (take a term off, or shift between 1 night per week and 2 nights per week, as needed)*
  • Tuition includes textbooks, special events, online library access, career services support, campus facilities (fitness, etc), but does not include any additional course fees for travel or technical/media equipment, etc
  • University-sponsored housing at Les Berges (in Geneva center-city along the Rhone river) is optional, and available for about CHF 1’000 per month.  For additional information, please see these Residential Life pages.

    * International (non-Swiss, non-EU students) must maintain studies at the pace of 2 courses per term (2 nights per week) during Fall and Spring terms, in order to maintain their residence permit on a student visa.


Scholarships and Financial Aid

Webster University Geneva offers a limited number of academic scholarships and/or financial aid grants to full-time graduate students (who study at the rate of 2 courses per term). Typical awards can cover from 15% to 30% of tuition reduction, with some awards as high as 50%.  According to University guidelines, academic scholarships or financial aid grants may not exceed 50% of tuition costs.

Requesting Financial Aid

Once accepted to Webster University Geneva, we recommend that you submit your financial aid form and supporting documents by April 1st.  The application form can be requested from the admissions office. Financial Aid information is kept confidential and separate from students' admission and academic records. The Scholarship Committee meets every year in May, July and January.


Estimated Expenses for living in Geneva (for those planning to relocate):

Webster University Geneva’s approximated expenses related to life in Geneva per academic year (Fall and Spring semester) are as follows, in Swiss Francs, and provided for your personal planning:

Housing - 14'400 CHF*
Food - 10'000 CHF
Student health insurance - 1'000 CHF
City transportation - 600 CHF

* for those who live in Webster-sponsored housing, at approx. CHF 1200 per month

Deposit (following admission)

Once accepted, in order to confirm your intent to attend Webster University Geneva, the next step is to pay a deposit of CHF 1,500.-. This deposit will confirm your plan to enroll, and permit Webster to preregister you for courses. The deposit will be deducted from your first term tuition.  

Housing deposit (optional)

Graduate students may request housing in the Les Berges residence, situated in the center of Geneva. In order to reserve a place, we will kindly ask you to pay a deposit of CHF 1,000.-  

Bank Details

Please find below the bank details for transferring the tuition and housing deposit. Please make sure to indicate your name (applicants name) and your Webster student ID number.

Within Switzerland:
Account # 290052.00A
Clearing code: 0240
Swift (BIC): UBSWCHZH80A     

From outside Switzerland:
Account # 290052.00A
Code IBAN: CH98 0024 0240 2900 5200 A


If you have any other questions please contact:

Jessica Geer

Graduate Admissions Representative
+41 22 959 8016