International Relations

The main degree offered by the International Relations Department is the BA in International Relations. Students have a choice of pursuing the degree with either an emphasis in International Economics or Migration and Refugee Studies, thereby enabling them to gain knowledge and mastery of one of two important sub-fields in international relations. The emphasis also ensures students take enough credit hours in their major to meet the requirements of the Bologna System instituted in Europe since 1999. 

Webster Geneva is an ideal place to study international relations. The city of Geneva is home to over 270 international organizations, the largest concentration in the world. Moreover, many of the faculty members have worked or are currently working in international organizations, NGOs and diplomatic missions. Therefore, students are not only exposed to the theories of international affairs, but also its realities and practicalities. The study program is further enhanced by having guest speakers from the various international bodies and field trips to designated agencies. Moreover, the fact that Webster Geneva has faculty and students from over 90 different countries enriches campus life and the study of international affairs at the site.

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BA International Relations
BA International Relations: Emphasis in International Economics
BA International Relations: Migration & Refugee Studies

Minor in International Relations

Minor in International Human Rights
Minor in Political Science

Certificate in International Human Rights
Certificate in Migration & Refugee Studies