Research at Webster University Geneva

Research is a key element of Webster University Geneva’s strategy. Webster University Geneva is a diverse institution, where researchers in business administration, computer science, economics, international relations, management, media, and psychology, meet and collaborate. The campus is located at the border of Switzerland and the European Union and has strong links with the Webster University network in the United States and its international campuses. We believe that this disciplinary and cultural diversity is our strength. Researchers from all schools and departments, therefore, combine their expertise in interdisciplinary joint research projects to find answers to the major global challenges of the 21st century, such as sustainability, healthcare and well-being, new forms of conflicts and migrations, or global economic development.

Over the years, Webster University Geneva has built a strong expertise in specific areas such as the Middle East, behavioral economics, and cognitive psychology. Our contributions include both formal research (conception of theoretical models), and practical research, such as hypothesis validation through database usage, population studies, simulations or experiments, and comparative policy analysis. We target scientific excellence by publishing our results in recognized and high-quality peer-review journals and conferences (with respect to the classical rankings such as the Social Sciences Citation Index list, Thomson Reuters Index or the CORE ranking). Beyond the academic community, we also contribute to the local and global ecosystems through publications, interviews and articles in the local press, trade journals, magazines, scientific seminars and interactions with local associations and partnerships. Webster University Geneva benefits from its proximity to international organizations with whom we share our global vision. Besides the contribution to the scientific community, we also believe that research can act as a catalyst for economic development. We have active collaborations with both Swiss and international companies as well as industries, and aim at developing our scientific and technological knowledge transfer further.

Webster University Geneva also hosts the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation (WCCI), a multidisciplinary, inter-departmental center dedicated to the scientific study of creativity and innovation and its applications to business, education, art and design, technology and society. The Centre aims to advance our understanding of creative processes, teach the management of innovation, and offer a space for companies and organizations to meet and have the facilitation required to foster change and development processes. For a complete list of events, activities and partners please visit the WCCI website.