Management & Leadership (MA)

Graduate BrochureThe Master of Arts in Management & Leadership is a 14-month program that blends strong foundations of business, with the important soft skills needed to lead effectively and manage individuals, teams and organizations. The program is in English and is flexible and personalized with 5 intakes per year and part-time, WebEx and online options. It will equip you with an understanding of global business practices, the capacity for innovative thinking and the motivational skills needed not just to manage people but to rally them behind you. Our professors will help to amplify your abilities for developing solutions to complex problems and situations. You will understand how to analyse industry trends and their impact on your organization as well as to anticipate, plan, and execute organizational change.

Message from the Program Director

Michal PasermanWith recent technological advances transforming the nature of our work, continuous learning and training are critical to succeed in the future work place. Yet it is not only technical acumen that will drive future careers. Studies show that in a period when technical work is replaced easily by artificial intelligence and robots, the main skills employers seek and are difficult to find include leadership, the ability to influence others, the ability to solve complex problems and emotional intelligence. These skills are hard to automate—and will therefore remain resilient and vital to survival in the future workplace.

These are exactly the skills that our newly-designed MA in Management & Leadership focuses on. Our program provides the learning environment for developing the tools to work in an increasingly complex and dynamic workplace. We are fortunate to have world-class faculty who combine academic knowledge with practical experience in entrepreneurship and senior business leadership, change management and human resources development. Students will stretch their minds and learn to work on unfamiliar challenges in a highly diverse, international peer group of classmates.

Students will benefit from participating in the “Leadership Edge”, an interdisciplinary and holistic professional and personal development program. This initiative complements the fundamentals of a business education with the soft skills required to thrive in all aspects of life—you will hone your communication and negotiation skills and learn to be the driver of your own career. Using a unique mix of seminars, workshops, team challenges, personal coaching and simulations, you will cultivate the most important skills that will give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Dr. Michal Paserman
Management & Leadership Program Director

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