International Relations (MA)

The world is changing at an ever faster pace, as are the challenges related to international relations. Graduate study in Geneva allows students to witness firsthand the inner workings of world affairs. A Webster MA in IR will help graduates play a positive role in shaping the course of world issues.

91 percentThe IR classes at Webster focus on developing a student’s in-depth learning, experience, understanding and critical analysis of world affairs. Every day, students are exposed to the hot-topic global issues of the moment.

Theory and Practice

With vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the international political scene in Geneva, Webster’s IR professors combine cutting edge theories in their fields with case studies and projects focused on foreign policy, international law and humanitarian affairs. Webster’s immense on-campus diversity will enhance each student’s appreciation for cultural diversity and will help to build appropriate and diplomatic communication skills.  

Experience Issues Firsthand

Guest lectures by area experts combined with field trips to international organizations provide an important dimension to the IR program, giving students a fresh perspective on migration, refugee and humanitarian issues. For 20 years, Webster students have helped to organize significant IR conferences. These events, including the Security Forum and the Humanitarian Conference, offer participants the chance to delve into global issues and hear from thought leaders.

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