Graduate Courses and Programs in Geneva

Seven unique Master’s degrees are offered on Webster’s campus in Switzerland - six of which are taught in English.  We also offer a few Graduate Certificate programs, which are academic credentials that can be pursued either as a stand-alone program, on the way to a master degree, or after earning a master degree at another university.

Each program is made up of core courses and electives, allowing students the possibility to tailor their studies based on personal and professional interests.

Webster Geneva’s Master’s programs are open to students who have earned a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, and documented English language proficiency.  For some programs, like the MBA and Counseling degrees, prior experience is highly recommended.  Applicants who have prior graduate course work--or a prior master's degree-can sometimes waive out of a couple of electives.

At Webster University Geneva, you will gain the essential professional skills, knowledge and tools to be able to analyze and understand the complexities of a fast-­changing world.  Most graduate courses are held on weekday evenings--which allows students to continue with their daytime professional work or to gain new internship experience during their studies.

Upon graduation, Webster alumni are prepared to take on leadership positions and to make significant contributions in a variety of workplaces.  Our Webster Geneva alumni are leading global business initiatives at regional corporate headquarters located in Switzerland and in local start-up projects beyond;  they are drafting policy recommendations for various International Organizations in the UN district of Geneva;  and others are serving in public health systems and private clinical practices in Switzerland and beyond.

College Of Arts & Sciences

Counseling (MA)
International Relations (MA)
Graduate Certificate Programs in International & Regional Security, International Development, and International & Nongovernmental Organizations

Walker School of Business and Technology

Management and Leadership (MA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master en Gestion des Systèmes de Soins et de Santé (MA in Health Care Management - in FR only) 
Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing Management (New!  Begins January 2021)

Coming soon:  Graduate Certficate in Cybersecurity (expected in 2020-21 Academic Year)

School of Media Communications

Master of Arts in Communications Management 

School of Education

Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Innovation
(new for 2020, delivered primarily online, in collaboration with the Education department on Webster's St. Louis campus)